Searching public and private tenders is very time consuming and manual. With our precision filters, you can quickly identify the opportunities.


Our technology tracks new healthcare tenders, months earlier than manual research, years before the project starts. We connect outcomes to forecast likelihood of success.


Bidding for opportunities requires detailed planning and analysis. Our platform provides background info on the suppliers as well as the buyers. 


Your competitive edge: faster access to healthcare markets

Smart Mapping

Our platform collates tenders from multiple sources. We then apply big data techniques to clean, translate, and label the data so as to make it searchable across multiple criteria. With one simple click, you have access to a list of opportunities that you can bid on. 

Fast Matching

Access all competitive and market insights needed to prepare the bid based on your selection of a particular product, service or a buyer. Our intelligent algorithm creates an initial assessment of the overall selection criteria, and your offerings match within those settings. Geared with this intelligence, you can increase your overall win rate by focusing on high-value opportunities.


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